Marygrove College


ART 276/376 Photography I and II


ART 491-03 Photographic Trends in Criminal Justice

Sample Assignment: Environmental Justice Assignment
Sample Reading: The Image of Truth

ART 491-08 Experimental Photography

Art History 355: History of Women Artists

Sample Presentation: Contemporary Artists (Who also happen to be female)

Art History 370 20th and 21st Century Art

Sample of Presentation: Fantasy, the Metaphysical School and Dada

Art History 202 Wonders of World Art

Sample Presentation: Ancient Greece

IS 100 College Immersion- Introduction to Contemporary Thought through the Arts

(Detroit Cristo Rey High School students): Syllabus

ART 105 Introductory Studio 

Pennsylvania State University


ART 390: Introduction to Photochemical Photography


ART 010: Introduction to Art

(Online Course)

State University of New York at Oswego


ART 105: Introduction to 2D Design