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This project highlights how artists end up being left out to make more time, care, and space for artists who fit the ‘white European male’ archetype. By highlighting these artists, we can show a more accurate depiction of art history and a deeper appreciation.

The surfaces of their works are altered to metaphorically show the erasure of them and their work. Using waxed bookbinding string and a “hand-me-down” frame, I wanted to highlight how close these artists have gotten to becoming “well-known” artists. The bookbinding string is the same string used to assemble textbooks that teach people who the “great” artists were. The “hand-me-down” frame symbolizes how these artists end up being left out to make more time, care, and space for the “usual suspects”.

All sales go to donating to organizations that further the advancement of groups of people who are represented in the work.


COMM[UNITY] II. Playground Detroit. Detroit, Michigan. 2 Dec. – 20 Jan.

Gilda Snowden Memorial Exhibition. Scarab Club. Detroit, Michigan. March 22-May 6

Detroit Fine Arts Breakfast Club. Robert and Mary Ann Bury Community Gallery, Detroit Historical Museum. 21 Jul. – 9  Oct.

You Belong: An Exhibition on Belonging. Chroma. Detroit, Michigan. 11 Jun. – 23 Jul.

Stories to Tell
. Solo Exhibition. 1923 Cafe. Hamtramck, Michigan. December 1, 2021-January 15, 2022

108th Annual Gold Medal Exhibition
. The Scarab Club. Detroit, Michigan. November 17-December 31.

Art Mile – Hatch Art. Detroit, Michigan. June 14-July 11.

Making Sense of What We Have. Solo Exhibition. Morey Family Gallery at the Art Reach of Mid-Michigan. Mount Pleasant, Michigan. (Original date: April 1-30, 2020)

Hatchback 15. Hatch Art Gallery Hamtramck, Michigan. April 3-April 24.

PERSIST and Reimagine. Women’s Work Art Gallery. Online. Aug. 31 – Oct. 31

Curator’s Choice. Gallery at the Center for Detroit Arts and Culture. Detroit, Michigan. Nov. 21 – Dec. 16



Has Magazine. Humanities, Arts and Society. United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO-MOST). Paris, France. Issue 4, January 2022.


Private Collection

Anonymous: Augusta Savage’s Story (1) – Sale donated to the NAACP