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I believe that when we can share our stories openly, we can also help others feel like they are not alone and inspire other people to fight through their own struggles. Many artists have been left out of history due to their race, gender, and/or class, but those who get left out often get ignored. By highlighting these artists, we can show a more accurate depiction of art history.

Using waxed bookbinding string and a “hand-me-down” frame, I wanted to highlight how close these artists have gotten to becoming a “well-known” artist. The bookbinding string is the same string used to assemble textbooks that teach people who the “great” artists were. The “hand-me-down” frame symbolizes how these artists end up being left out to make more time, care, and space for artists who fit the “white European male” archetype.


Curator’s Choice
. Gallery at the Center for Detroit Arts and Culture. Detroit, Michigan. Nov. 21 – Dec. 16