Photography \fə-ˈtä-grə-fē\ (noun, origin: Greek)- Drawing with Light

This project is a introductory lesson in composition, color theory, lighting and the technical lessons of how to use a SLR camera, the equipment needed to take the image, software and printing in a controlled, supported, ideal environment in order to produce your work. You will be able to identify how kinds and sources of light and shadow can have several effects of a scene, in  this case it will involve an object.

Subject Matter will be your choice, you are encouraged to express yourself through your choice of subjects. Do not photograph the light source, but take ownership of the whole frame, take responsibility for everything in your image, visually scan the whole frame before you take the picture. It’s okay to remove clutter and distractions, this will help you and your viewer concentrate on the content of your image.

Shoot in Color and in RAW (whether it’s .NEF or .CR2)
Light Sources: White Fluorescent, Sunlight, Strobe.
MacBeth Color Checker, Reflectors, Backdrops, Printing
Software: Adobe Photoshop, possibly Adobe Lightroom and Aperture
It’s typical to shoot at least 30 images per assignment, (more is always better)
You will select 10 of your Best Images for the critique
You will print 5 images out of your group of Best Images

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