Congrats you recent graduate! You have that awesome bachelor’s degree and realizing that you don’t have to purchase textbooks and attend class. What’s next?!? You are going to go through a transitional period, especially for those who went to college full time. It may not hit you soon after you graduate, but it will hit you at some point.

Find your Community

You may have felt like an artist when you were a student, and somehow feels different at this point. That has everything to do with being a part of an artistic community. Make sure that you find your community, any supportive community who sees and challenges you as an artist.


How to be an artist:

1. Make Work
2. Research Ideas for your Art
3. Be inspired
4. Contibute to your community
5. Make Work



Keep in contact with those who inspire you

This includes professors, other students, friends and family



How to exhibit work:

This is something that hopefully you were doing as a student, but you may not had time for it because of other responsibilities. The button below provides a teasure trove of opportunities you should check out at least a monthly basis.







Don’t be Lame, Catch up with the Times

Go to art exhibits, keep updated on current trends, learn more about the history of art and meet awesome people. Read up on current trends in the art/cultural/science communities.



Jobs, Jobs, Jobs

First thing to consider is, you are an artist. It doesn’t matter what kind of job you get, as long as you are making art. Something important to consider is that there are many people out there who have a job in the arts, but barely have time to do their own work.

Want to get a job in the arts? Just like any other job, it competitive, so you really have to work really, really hard to do this. You may have to get unpaid internships first and you may have to do a lot of part time jobs at once. Full time positions can take years to get. The button below provides a wealth of opportunities you should check out and apply to frequently.