Dissected and Cut Pigmented Inkjet Print and Newspaper
Tableau that occupies 14.5″x 72″ and 12″ from the wall

The things we read are destined to be overwritten by what we experience. Following the meandering path of the eyes of a reader, the text of a newspaper is dissected. Exposed is a physical representation of the scatological path of reading a newspaper. The path of the eye, and therefore the knife, unravels the page of text -everything remains connected.


Sarah Nesbitt: Making Sense of What We Have. Solo Exhibition. Torpedo Factory Art Center, Target Gallery. Alexandria, Virginia.

Making Sense of What We Have. Two-Person Exhibition. Zoller Gallery, Pennsylvania State University, University Park, Pennsylvania.


Levure Litteraire. Accueil: Numiro 10, November 2014. Online.

INSIGHT 7 Magazine. Photomedia Center- Contemporary Imagemakers 2013. Print.

Sarah Nesbitt: Making Sense of What We HavePhotomedia Center, Contemporary Imagemakers Program. In the running for Photomedia Center’s micro-grant, in addition to a series of publications brought forth by the Photomedia Center. Online.