Dissected Pigmented Inkjet Print and T-Pins
23″x 72″x 3″ Tableau

In the early 2000’s I began keeping detailed notes on every lecture, workshop, book, and article I came across. This journal became a massively detailed collection of ideas for my art practice. It was for my eyes only.

In early 2010, I began using this journal as creative material. Page by page I traced/dissected/disassembled/excavated the 10-year evolution of my thoughts and ideas about art. Written ideas were physically cut into the pages of the journal, exposing key passages and jettisoning others. The floor becomes littered with expunged fragments of text forming new narratives.


Imagining the Unreal. Gwinnett County Public Library. Duluth, Georgia 15 Oct. – 19 Nov.

Sarah Nesbitt: Making Sense of What We Have. Solo Exhibition. Torpedo Factory Art Center, Target Gallery. Alexandria, Virginia.

Collaborate, Connect, Reconnect. Marygrove College, Detroit, Michigan. Invited by James Lutomski, Associate Professor of Art/Gallery Director of Marygrove College.

Where We Are: Tectonic Shifts and Dissolution of Boundaries[Exploring the Tension and Transitions in Contemporary Visual Art Today]Northwest Missouri State University, Maryville, Missouri. Juried by Elaine A. King, Ph.D. Art Historian at Carnegie Mellon University, Critic and Curator.

Unbound. Coleman Burke Gallery, New York, Chelsea, New York.



2017 Scarab Club Annual Publication. Scarab Club. Print. p. 122

Reframing Photography Theory and Practice. Resources: Artists: Sarah Nesbitt. Website by Rebekah Modrak and Bill Anthes. Online.

Unbound, Exhibition Catalog. Coleman Burke Gallery, Chelsea, New York City, New York.