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The Act of Salvaging

Pigmented Inkjet Print

Glass is an irreplaceable material. Once it breaks, the only way to repair is to melt it down and create a brand new piece. My neighbor, Freddie, found it exciting to own a piece of art made only of glass, he called it “dangerous”. This piece, created by Murano Glass as part of their Picasso Collection, was handmade in Italy, shipped overseas to the United States, and resided in Detroit. While cleaning his home, Freddie accidently knocked over this piece, he was upset, hundreds of dollars were invested in this single work of art and it was about to be thrown away.

There’s this simple act that we tend to do with a lot of things, taking the time to find the value in people and objects. This act is what helps create more awareness to other people, these people could become intrigued and can choose to carry this awareness forward.

He gave me this broken piece of irreplaceable art, and I decided to keep all of the broken pieces and make it into another piece of art… into photographs.



The scene of where it was accidently dropped.
Freddie’s home, Detroit, MI.