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“Our Desire For Knowledge Is Often Baulked By A Thickset Hedge Of Opinions Which Seeks To Pass itself Off As Records” -Jacob Burckhardt

Pigmented Inkjet Print
“Our Desire for Knowledge…” comes from a quote out of Art and Cultural Historian Jacob Burckhardt’s delightful book, Reflections on History. There are flaws in the practice of research, facts can be confused with opinions, as Burckhardt continues in this book: “Nor can we rid ourselves entirely of the views of own time and personality, and here perhaps, is the worst enemy of knowledge.”

Every researched work is backed by an opinion, whether it would be scholarly or journal research, both provide a motive as to why it would have to be written. Both are motivated by an ethical duty to provide information to the masses, but usually the information is focused towards the original mission of the work, having to omit certain details that would completely compromise the research.

The front page headlines is of Senator Edward (Teddy) Kennedy’s funeral, him and his family has been in the public eye for decades, surrounded by stories of scandals excessive drinking, sexual assault, adultery, and most notably, Edward’s involvement in the death of Mary Jo Kopechne. After driving his car over Dike bridge into Poucha Pond in 1969, he was able to escape the car, whereas, his passenger, Mary Jo did not. The medical examiner concluded that she would have been able to survive if Edward were to call the authorities, as she died not by drowning, but by suffocation. This became a story with many holes, Edward received a light sentence and was still able to become Senator of Massachusetts.

His brother, John F. Kennedy was known to be friendly to members of the press, which is an important element as to how the press would be more protective of what they release about any member of the family to the public.